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Why LordsBot is the best

Everyone can easily build their own Farm


LordsBot no longer need Android emulator.The emulator consume a lot of electricity.Of course,LordsBot solves this problem.
1GB Ram= 100 accounts
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Full-featured Bot

Internal Support Socks5 Proxy!
Auto Gather.Auto Shield.Auto Shelter.Auto Supply.Auto Upgrade. Auto Train.Auto Help.Auto Hunt.Auto etc... One-click batch rename&relocate&etc...
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Advanced,Professional clients
Limited Bug feedback reward system
Infinite upgrade&add new functions
Knowledge Base
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LordsBot can help you Save Gems. LordsBot can help you Extend hardware life. LordsBot can help you Earn money in Lords Mobile.

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  • Unrestricted function
  • Easy to import from other soft
  • Easy to understand
  • Build you own farm
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  • Bug feedback reward system
  • Technical support
  • Periodic updates
  • Custom Plan contact us
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Tutorial: How to install custom windows to vultr

Windows10 1809 64bit English with drivers ISO: Windows7 SP1 32bit English with drivers ISO: Click here to create a account Deposit Add ISO Paid users,contact us to get ISO url.Or send your vultr Read more…