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[Sticky] How to avoid getting banned.

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1.About create new game accounts:

If you create about 3-4 or more new game account with Same Ip Address in a short time, you new accounts will be banned(about after 1 hour). 

It has nothing to do with LordsBot, you can get same result with android emulator. LordsBot just use high-tech to simulate game, don't change game code.

(For paid user, if you can not change you ip address to create new accounts, we can create new accounts for you.)

2.How many ips should I shared with game accounts?

A.For main account, Please use only ONE Ip address to your main account.

B.For alt accounts, One ip address should share with below 3 accounts(bleow 3 is 99.9% safe,also 1 to 1 is 100% safe).

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