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[Closed] Warnning of Banned by IGG!

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IGG may changed ban rulers in recent days,They may counting how much logined game account in same ip at the same time ,I think above 2 in one ip address is very very easy to be banned, There is nothing to do with LordsBot.

You should simulate human behavior, don't let too many bot accounts join one same guild.You can separate them to different guild or don't join guild. You should let them quit the guild after finished supply.

For normal users ,You'd better use one private ip address to one game account.

Do not create too many accounts at the same time(even if used proxy). if you do that, all accounts may divided to a group and the group members will be banned!

You also need to avoid your game account to be reported to IGG game support.

(You'd better do not use free proxy,because other user may use same proxy,lead one ip had been login many game accounts)

(2020 update)

Old game account is very safe, my old account is running 365 days without offline or banned

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