Suggestion: Don't use BTC
Use LTC or other, they has high-speed and low transaction fee.

1.Buy btc or ltc(example)

The number of btc/ltc you should buy:

You should buy a little more btc/ltc, because you need pay Transaction fee+(web’s other fees)

For example: BTC Pirce is 0.00568889, Transaction fee is 0.00005 BTC(this web don’t have other fees). You need buy more than 0.00573889 BTC. At last ,you’d better to buy 23.5 or 24 usd btc ,to prevent price fluctuations.

2.Buy LordsBot rechargeable card




You must send correct currency amount match with his type, if not you may lose money, and I will not recieve it.

F.Send BTC or LTC

Please use copy and paste , Copy the amount of currency and address to you wallet

Don’t send amount more or less.It will need manual operation. All incorrect order will be proceeded at weekend!

Double check amount and address!!!

If you send incorrect amount you may lose your money

G.After you sent btc or ltc,
Once your btc/ltc transaction is confirmed by network,
You will recieved an email which contain your card information.
Or you can find your card in (my account→orders→VIEW)