How to change AccessKey for your existing account

Warning again!Backup your account info! Include: UUID IGGID AccessKeyAll files in: LordsBotconfig* Sometime your AccessKey will changed by igg If your account show login failed, you can try this Step1:Login this account to android emulator to get new Accesskey Step2:Open this account in lordsbot and click “Reset Session”, input new accesskey and click Reset Session Step3:Login this account

Digital Currency

How do I buy LordsBot rechargeable card

Suggestion: Don’t use BTCUse LTC or other, they has high-speed and low transaction fee. 1.Buy btc or ltc(example) The number of btc/ltc you should buy: You should buy a little more btc/ltc, because you need pay Transaction fee+(web’s other fees) For example: BTC Pirce is 0.00568889, Transaction fee is 0.00005 BTC(this web don’t have other fees). You need buy more than 0.00573889 BTC. At last ,you’d better to buy 23.5 or 24 usd btc ,to prevent price fluctuations. 2.Buy LordsBot Read more…


Tutorial: How to install custom windows to vultr Windows10 1909 64bit English with drivers ISO(SLOW): Windows10 LTSC 64bit English with drivers ISO(FAST): Windows7 SP1 64bit English with drivers ISO(FASTEST): Click here to create a account Deposit Add ISO Paid users,contact us to get ISO url.Or send your vultr account to us,we will help you to setup everything. Wait download completed, status will trun to Available Install windows OS 1.Choose server location(Closest to you) 2.Choose downloaded ISO 3.Choose Server Size Read more…

Recommended Service

Recommended windows VPS and connect to your computer remotely

Rent a windows vps 1.Recommend VPS provider Qovic Qovic $5 off Coupon: LORDS5OFF (If Coupon is invalid,contact us.) Click Here to reigster an qovic account Pricing:$5/month(after applied coupon) 1GB RAM—25GB SSD—1TB Bandwidth—1 IPv4 1.Select RDP Windows VPS 2.Click Order Now 3.Input something.Like hostname It have nothing to do with your rdp username and password. You will recieve your vps information after paid. Username: administrator password and ip will sent to your mailbox 4.Applycoupon : LORDS5OFF And Read more…