(If Coupon is invalid,contact us.)

Pricing:$5/month(after applied coupon) 1GB RAM—25GB SSD—1TB Bandwidth—1 IPv4

1.Select RDP Windows VPS

2.Click Order Now

3.Input something.Like

hostname :asd1adasd.com

It have nothing to do with your rdp username and password.

You will recieve your vps information after paid.

Username: administrator

password and ip will sent to your mailbox

coupon : LORDS5OFF

And checkout

For vps problem Please contact qovic, open ticket


You need to install windows by yourself

As of now So far, vultr is the most suitable vps provider for LordsBot. If you find better one, you can share in forum.

For below 10 accounts,you can choose 512MB server, just $3.5/month, contain 1 private ip.

You owned a computer

Plan A.

(Dedicated ip Only)

1.Setup RDP on you windows

2.Setup Router

Please google or try

1.Set Up and Use Remote Desktop 

2.Configure a Router for RDP

1.Download and install teamviewer to your computer

2.Download and install teamviewer to your phone